API access

Dozilla.io offers a very simple API to work with to do items of an existing project, e.g. from another website, from a smart home application or similar. Note that the API access requires a premium subscription. Go to menu on main project to enable premium features, and switch on the API task management in the info window of the project (right-click in project menu).
The API offers the typical CRUD operations: create, read, updated, delete. These are defined by the action parameter. Just call https://Dozilla.io/services/list/v1/api.php with the following parameters:

action What do you want to do? Required Allowed values: "c" for creating a new item, "r" for reading an existing item, "u" for updating an existing item, "d" for deleting an item.
pid The unique ID of your project, a 64 character string. No spaces. Required. Click on the info menu item (in project drop-down) to see it.
token A valid access token to use the API. No spaces. Required. Click on the project info menu item (in project dropdown) to see it. A 96 character string.
lid The list id of the target list, a number. Overrides the default as set in the info screen of the project. Click on the list info menu item (in list dropdown) to see it.
tid The task id of the task to be read, updated or deleted, a number. Required if action is "d", "r" or "u". Enter Edit mode of a task to see it (at bottom of task fields).
title The title of the item. 64 characters max. Required if action is "c". e.g. "my new automated to do"
details The details of the item. 1024 characters max. e.g. "These are the details."
assignee The assignee of the item. 64 characters max. Must be a name of a user who has accessed the list before. Click on the info menu item (in list drop-down) to see possible names.
tags A string of tags, separated with ','. e.g. "project1; project2; project3"
duedate Due date of the task, in form YYYYMMDD. e.g. 20230228
prio Priority of item. Either 0 or 1 (i.e. high). This unsets/sets the exclamation mark.
wait Flag if item is waiting for someone. Either 0 or 1 (i.e. checked). This unsets/sets the waiting icon.
amount Value of amount field. Integer. Note that this is divided by 100 for display (to allow currency values). e.g. 12345 (will be displayed as 123.45)
checked Flag if item is checked or not. Either 0 or 1 (i.e. checked). This unsets/sets the checkbox.
lpw List password, if list is write-protected. 32 characters max. Must be identical to the one set in the list (if one was set). You cannot protect or unprotect a list via API.
lfpw List freeze password, if list is frozen. 32 characters max. Must be identical to the one set in the list (if one was set). You cannot freeze or unfreeze a list via API.
Requests can be POST or GET requests. The sequence of the parameters does not matter. Only pid, lid are mandatory, and title for inserts, tid for other actions. The other parameters can be left empty or omitted. A full GET request could look like this:
The return value will either be HTTP 200 status code (for success), or HTTP 403 status code (if something went wrong). If you state a wrong project or list ID, you will not be informed.
You can also retrieve a CSV file with the complete logged actions on a list via https://Dozilla.io/doreadlog.php?pid=yourprojectid.

Frank Dux · Last update: March 2023